Foundation for Education

According to the statistical data, rural government school of Nepal has decreasing number of students and the main reason behind this is weak financial condition of parents. Parents cannot afford to provide all the necessary items required for their children in studies which results the increasing number of drop out students. In order to end this, P4P had established Foundation for Education program.

How You can Engage?

To help via Goods,   To Help via Fund 

Foundation for education lies under the project “education”. Main motive of P4P is to create peace in country and Education is only the powerful tool which can lead us towards peace. Foundation for Education is a program to distribute materials for students studying in classes 1 to 5. P4P provide all the necessary things required for students to study that includes educational materials, dress, gaming materials, etc. P4P organize Foundation for Education program as per the need of students of different school and of different districts of Nepal.