Foundation for Education

As the name “Foundation for Education” implies, this program intends to give a special thrust to the education sector in the country. The chief motive of PfP is to create peace, and education is one of the most influencing factors on this path. Education builds people’s capability and consciousness by helping them to be productive and gain prosperity, and only such prosperity can truly support establishing peace. Therefore, PfP emphasizes that no one should be deprived of educational opportunity. In Nepal, however, many families in rural areas cannot send their children school chiefly because of their economy and financial paucity. Parents cannot afford to pay fees and purchase the necessary educational materials for their children. Consequently, school dropout rates among children from poor household continue to be very high. In order to try to end such a painful situation, from 2015 to December 2018 PfP initiated the FfE program.

FfE program distributes educational materials including stationery, books, bags, sports items for school-going students in need, and intends to support in building essential infrastructure at school, depending upon the requirements of individual schools at various districts of the country. Two such instances include the support PfP provided to Himalchuli Primary School, Goganpani (Dhading district)and Mahendra Shanti Higher Secondary School (Kabhre district). Both the schools were found to be in a critically difficult situation after the devastating earthquake of 2015. The students did not have any desks or benches to use in their classrooms, and had to squat on mats during class hours at school. To help students overcome this hardship, PfP provided them with essential items such as stationeries (notebooks, pencils, sharpeners, erasers), school bags, school uniforms, and most importantly, the required desks and benches for the students to study with comfort.

Despite the acute problem of transportation facility to the schools, the PfPteam took the challenge to reach their along with a truck-load of supplies. The moment the team arrived in the school, the expressions in the faces of the kids were priceless and touching. They were seen overwhelmed with joy and motivated as the PfP team was busy unloading the educational materials for them. About 2,000 students benefited from this support. The immediate outcome was a feeling of satisfaction, peace and happiness among the supplier team and the beneficiaries, as well as their teachers and guardians. It has been strongly hoped and believed that the support will certainly lead to improvements in the students’ education. PfP is now working out on how the communities in those villages could be supported to enable them to earn by themselves all the facilities required for their decent living so that they could fully support the education of their children.

For the past four years, Peace for People have been supporting the students at our school by offering them school dresses, stationery, financial aid and sports goods. This has directly caused improvements in the quality of their education as well. Although many students took admission, they were not attending school regularly. Thanks to this program, students have started coming to school regularly. I have taken it as a great achievement and hope your support will continue.

Mr. Yadav Prasad Gajurel, Principal, Shree Barahi Primary School, Dhading.