Create and innovate
Let us tell you about one of our favorite parts. The world of humanitarianism is not something very open because when we enter an association even if statutorily we can have a say, in fact it is not necessarily the case. We make generalities but of course this is not the case everywhere! In addition, everyone is competing to collect donations and put their actions to good ends. Except that we call it money is not an end in itself but not at all.

What we love above all else is the motivation of the people and / or their talents. And through the talents of everyone we can create new projects that are unique to each person whether in around the world or Nepal. We are therefore constantly looking for new projects and their implementation to help improve our actions. It’s not because a project does not exist yet that we can not put it in place. We like to innovate so all ideas are good to take. If a project is related to our values, it is feasible and it helps in a sustainable way then it is very likely that it will take place. Many people want to do things but it is difficult when you are alone, the fact

Promote and Share
Our goal is also to promote the values ​​we hold dear. It is essential for us that all people have access to education and that there is equality between every human being. So promoting children’s education and advocating women’s emancipation so that they have the same rights as men is essential for us. But we also want to promote the ideas that we have and that we are developing to improve the situation in the world. We work exclusively in Nepal but if our ideas can help improve the situation in other countries with similar needs in Nepal then it is obvious or even essential to promote them.

Beyond values ​​and ideas we want to promote talent. Each person has unique talents that can help us. Promoting all the talents that accompany us on a daily basis allows people to realize what is achievable and why not give people the urge to contribute what they are good at.

Finally we want to share our knowledge and our passion. We do not have the infused science, but we are passionate and for sure we have knowledge. Sharing our experiences is important because it will train humanitarian workers. Knowledge must be free because it improves the lives of those who have access to this knowledge. At a time when we tend to keep our knowledge for ourselves for fear of being copied, we advocate that knowledge is universal and must be accessible to all. We want to be as transparent as possible because we are lucky to have knowledge and it is normal to share them with the greatest number.

Everyone in our lives has models, inspirations that allow us to move forward in our lives. There are so many people who want to do humanitarian work but do not know how to do it and where to start. So one of our duties is to be able to inspire people. We all begin our humanitarian actions in a unique way and our different paths make it possible to realize that the humanitarian is something very accessible.Inspiring people by our actions is essential because it is short, medium or long term we know that we can impact people’s lives whether in Nepal or around the world . Everyone can be an inspiration to a person following his actions and it is therefore our duty to be irreproachable and therefore to be able to

Where to start? How can I do ? Can I really be helpful? In what type of association can I be useful?
Many questions that come up very often. The humanitarian cause is of interest to many people, we hear every day people who dream of doing humanitarian work or who regret not having done so and who will not be able to do it. First of all, it’s never too late to do humanitarian work.What we consider to be humanitarian is helping human beings in some way and in a selfless way. One person who would give us an idea of ​​what work needs to be done in Nepal to enable women to get a job is humanitarian. There is no need to go to the other side of the world to do humanitarian work. However, we are here to guide people who want to act but have no idea what to do. Initiating people to get involved is also very important because everyone has time to give to the association is only a matter of priority. We are not here to tell people to invest 2 hours a day. But we are here to help people invest as efficiently as possible. If you have 30 minutes a week to devote to the association then we will try to find together how you can help.