Nepal is a predominantly mountainous, rural, and agricultural country. It is a developing nation in South Asia, and despite being endowed with immensely rich natural and cultural diversities, it has been facing a variety of socioeconomic constraints and problems hampering its rapid development. Developmental challenges and indicators remain most critical in rural areas and among disadvantaged sections of the population, especially children and women. About a quarter of the country’s population is still compelled to live a life below the defined poverty line.

Education is rightly considered to be the prime mover of development. However, for the impoverished parts of the population in Nepal, receiving education is not yet common and easy. The vast majority of students in the country side attend public schools. This is especially so in rural and remote areas. Many public schools in these areas severely lack essential infrastructure including buildings, toilets, furniture, and playgrounds. In many cases, students have to attend classes in roofless open spaces, using straw mats to squat on while in class.

Parents of a large number of students cannot afford to pay school fees and buy educational materials. Many students have to engage themselves heavily in household work and even outside labor to support their household’s livelihood. As a result, high drop-out rates and poor attendance are often a norm for most schools in rural Nepal and the quality of education remains low. Besides, there is also a serious shortage of well-trained teachers, further aggravating the above-stated situation.

Realizing these constraints and problems and with an urge to contribute to reducing them, Peace for People started giving special thrust to its educational programs right from its days of establishment. Our ultimate wish is to arouse lasting peace in society, and we believe that it is best possible through fulfillment of basic and most urgent developmental needs of the people. Therefore, we have been carrying out a variety of programs in effort to meet this ultimate aim. We feel fortunate being generously supported in this endeavor by many individuals and institutions within the country and abroad, and wish to hereby express our sincere gratitude to all of them. We also hope that we will continue receiving such valuable support for all our productive programs ahead as well.

Thank you so much!

Leadership Team supporting to construction Shree Bhumesthan Primary School.