Quality Education

Here in Nepal our school were not built to last. The foundation of the schools is so weak that the children would rather study outside or not attend at all. Peace for People mission is to change this, along with educating our youth so they have a brighter future. when we build schools, we want to make sure we have a proper foundation for our students. We want our students to feel safe when they attend our newly build school we are accomplishing this by collecting donations and working with our locals by instructing them on how to help us build a sturdier foundation.

Motivation of P4P

For the first-time Students Parents and Teacher are directly communicating.

Educating our parents so they have a better understanding as to why it is so important their children stay in school also involving parents so they know what their children are learning in our newly build school and programs.

Parent Boot Camp

Peace for People organizes Parent Boot Camp 3 times a year. This program is to teach parents how to support their children’s education.

Teacher Training

we are working on  implementing a teacher training program that takes a 160 hours to complete. This will be done yearly for the schools Peace for People are directly involved with. This will allows us to implement our new programs and allows us to focus on the need of the students.