Quality Education

Parents are the first teachers of the children. Children will learn from what their parents do. The way parents treat their children will have influence on their children’s mentality. Thus, the training of parents is essential for children’s quality education. For this reason,  Parents Boot Camp Phase I was carried out to make parents aware of their children’s studies and learn about good parenting.

The program was divided into three sections. In first section, parents were given different mind-games to play with. From that, they learnt that their children can learn by playing as well. In the second section, dramas were performed by instructors to make the parents realize how they were treating their children and what changes they had to make in themselves in order to establish a good relationship with their children. In the third section, parents were told different stories about other people’s lives, so that they  could learn to differentiate about good and renowned persons and teach their children accordingly.

We are planning to conduct parents’ awareness programmers at schools for three times each year. It has become clear that parents need to understand the milestones of child development, as they currently still believe in high academic teaching-learning activities in early years which in fact turn out to be barriers for children’s holistic development. The parents need to understand and support the principle of child development and child-friendly, play-based learning. Empowering parents with knowledge and skills to understand their children and create a stimulating environment at home enables the children to reach their full potential. This would require cooperation between parents and the school: therefore, a Parents’ Seminar of two hours will also be conducted at the schools twice a year on the topic of child-centered learning and role of parents in children’s holistic development. The teachers will be prepared for regular meetings with the students’ parents.

The work that Peace for People has started for quality education is very welcome, because although we have imparted bookish knowledge to students it was too difficult to organize extra-curricular activities and getting connected with the parents. The students and parents have now experienced new learning’s from the Parents’ Boot Camp and the extra-curricular activities from volunteers from different countries.

Ms. Indira Subedi, Teacher, Shree Janata Primary School, Dhading.