Scholarship Scheme

PfP scholarship refers to the financial aid PfP provides to a needy student (from an economically weak household condition) based on his or her academic merits. It is a grant in aid to the student, given out by an individual, an organization or a school. In this scheme, each recipient student at lower secondary or secondary level is provided with educational materials for one academic year. The scholarship program has been introduced based on the PfP belief that education is the most influencing tool to change the world for the better. We give special value to the principle of ‘education for all’ and that no one should be deprived of the opportunity to education. With aim of contributing to reducing the student dropout rates at schools, PfP plans to expand the scholarship program to serve a total of 8,000 students by 2030.

In Nepal, 84 percent of school students study in government schools but half of them cannot complete their studies primarily due to their household poverty and lack of an adequate support mechanism in the education system. Many parents cannot afford necessary educational materials for their children, which leads to many students leaving school in the middle of an academic year. Lack of awareness, limited education and low economic conditions in many households, especially in the most disadvantaged and marginalized sections of the society, leave parents compelled to have their children engaged as menial workers for wealthy families so as to maintain livelihoods. Therefore, PfP intends to keep providing scholarships to such students whose parents are in poverty and cannot support their children’s studies. The provision of a scholarship to young boys and girls can have an immediate and direct impact on their lives. Education can enable them to take control of their future through empowerment to have a good professional career. Our goal is to create a significant impact on the students who receive education through our scholarship support. Therefore, we make commitment to each of our recipient student that as long as they maintain a good grade point average; we will continue to fund their education until the completion of the secondary level education. This serves as a strong incentive for each student to perform well at school and for her/his household to support her/his education.

The age of the majority of our scholarship students ranges between 10 to 16 years. Depending on individual circumstances and needs, our scholarship can include monetary support by providing school fees and pocket money, material support by supplying e.g. school uniforms, books, stationery, school bags, umbrellas, handkerchiefs, towels, sweaters, mufflers, watches, or even extend to learning support through additional tutoring and educational tours.

Applications for the scholarships are first screened based on age and socioeconomic status of the applicants’ parents. After the initial screening, the Scholarship Program Officer visits each applicant’s family and the residence to conduct an accurate needs assessment before making the final selection of scholarship recipients. The scholarship is awarded after meeting and agreement with the scholarship recipients’ parents or guardians. The scholarship amount is then handed to the respective school in presence of students, teachers, and guardians/parents. The school would distribute that scholarship money to each scholar four times a year so that they could be able to buy the educational materials needed for their studies. For each year of the scholarship, we monitor the progress of the recipient four times in order to make sure that it is used appropriately and effectively.

Selection Procedure

Applications for the scholarship will be screened initially based on the age, economic factors, parental status and social status of the applicants. After the initial screening, team with scholarship program officer will visit the family and the residence of each applicant and select scholars from among the visited homes. No scholarship will be awarded without a Parent’s or relatives Meeting.


After selection of students from school, scholarship amount is handed to students in presence of students, teacher and parents. peace for people will distribute that money to each student 2 times a year, from which students will be able to buy the educational materials needed for their studies.

Monitoring and Evaluation:

In the process of attaining the goals of the project, we must continually monitor the performance in the services to ensure that the strategies are achieving the specified objectives. Statistical studies should be carried out periodically in order to identify trends.  Our concern would always be that our assistance goes to the needy one. To assure that we monitor 3 times each year. Whenever school provide scholarship amount we follow up on how they use it. We are also very careful about the misuse of money we provide to them, so we always kept our eye open that scholarship amount is use in right place.


Are you willing to donate? Your donation can change someone’s life.

For this, you can support 1 or more students for 1 or more years.

Information of Selected Scholars and Evaluation report of students you supported will be provided to you and for your convenience we will also provide your information to that particular student.

Arrangement of your participation in Scholarship Distribution Program will be managed by P4P.

Secondary Level

Grade 11 & 12

25000/- ( $250 )

One Year


Secondary Level

Grade 9 & 10

14000/-  ( $140 )

( One Year )


Primary Level

Grade 6 to 8

7500/- ( $75 )

( One Year )

Scholarship Package.

Truly speaking, the guardians in this place of ours have difficulty to even feed and clothe themselves. Thinking about education is a far-flung subject. Moreover, the prevailing trend of spending on education only if any surplus remains after all spending have directly affected all the students of our school. Under such circumstances, the scholarship campaign that Peace for People has started has helped hundred percent in improving this situation. This is commendable and there could be no better option that this in attaining quality education. Therefore, I wish to express my thankfulness towards this campaign of Peace for People.

Mr. BishnuGautam, Principal, Shree Aadarsh Secondary School, Thakre – 5, Dhading.

Right from childhood, I wished to do something in the IT sector. However, after having passed the SLC, I had to discontinue my studies due to family reasons. While wondering what to do after that, I got the opportunity of fulfilling my dream, i.e., of studying computer hardware and networking through the motivational scholarship scheme and am now moving ahead with both study and work together. I am feeling very happy.

Mr. Mahendra Khadka, NIT, Kathmandu.

Education till SEE was somehow completed with scholarships received, but was not sure what to do ahead. All friends are admitted to colleges. Months have passed since release of results. All friends ask me what I would study or do. However, these questions remain unanswered for me because due to weak household economic condition there is nothing except problems. In the meantime, with initiatives of my school teachers I received the motivational scholarship and have now been studying the 18-month course on mechanical and civil construction. Employment will surely be available after completion of this course and I believe that my dream to become self-reliant will be fulfilled.

Ms. NirmayaTamang, Shree Janajagriti Secondary School.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller