School Building Construction

Peace4Peoplefocuseson the field of education in particular, as we believe that education plays an important role in maintaining peace and security in the society. As a developing country, Nepal has a weak educational sector. In remote areas, there is a lack of decent school buildings, and many of the current ones are not suitable or safe enough. Two such examples are the two schools we supported for their reconstruction, described below in brief.

When we made a preliminary survey of Shree Bhumesthan Primary School at Mechhegau – 8, Kabhre district in 2015, we were surprised and disappointed that the school established in 2012 and having 5teachers and about 100 students looked like a cow-shed. Therefore, we immediately decided to support the school through construction of anew building with three appropriate classrooms and completed the project within the year.

Shree Janata Primary School at Thakre of Dhading district was established in 1998. Its building was fully damaged by the earthquake of April 2015.Prior to the earthquake, a total of 100 students were enrolled at the school, who were all from low-income labour families where parents worked at nearby brick kilns. Others families sent their children to private schools. As the guardians/parents of students at Shree Janata were not able to financially afford reconstruction of the damaged building, PfP collected funds and managed to erect anew school building in 2017. Earthquake-resistant, the building has seven rooms accommodating the office, a library, and classrooms. Besides, a water-tap and toilets for teachers and students were also installed. The school currently has four teachers (1 male and 3 female). After the completion of the school building, the local people (teachers, students, parents) became cheerful, and the students were very excited to attend their classes in the new building with an improved study atmosphere. They felt safe and secure at school. Observing their smiling faces was most gratifying for the PfP team as well, naturally.

We also provided both schools with stationery, furniture, and other various materials for the classrooms and the office. Currently, we are trying our best to provide them with training on quality education so that the teachers and the parents could understand its vital role, and plan to organize awareness programs in the community to make them realize the benefits of educating their children. Meanwhile, we will continue monitoring and evaluate the progress of the school son a monthly basis.

Despite having received assurances from many sides, we could not receive any support from anywhere for a long time. Eventually, PfP transformed the very appearance of our village by getting our school building constructed. For that, we all teachers, guardians and students are extremely happy and thankful.

Mr. Ram Kumar Shahi, Principal, Shree BhumeshwarPrimary School, Kabhre.

Although so close to the highway, for the past 19 years we were compelled to run our school with meagre physical infrastructure. Even that (infrastructure) was devastated by the earthquake of 2015. We had lost hopes that our school building could ever be built again. However, PfP constructed our school building in a very short time. We do not have enough words to thank them for all this.

Mr. Uttam Prasad Subedi, Principal, Shree Janata Primary School, Dhading.