School Construction

Shree Janata Primary School
Shree Bhumesthan Primary School

Shree Bhumesthan Primary School, Kavre.

The Principal of Shree Bhumesthan said, “ For a long time people assured us that they would help us build a school but no one was able to help us for a long time. Finally, Peace for People came and helped us construct our school building which brought about a positive change in our village. We are so grateful here at Bhumesthan primary school that Peace for People came in and helped us to build a school for our students.” 

Shree Janata Primary School, Dhading.

The Principal of Shree Janata said, “The Shree Janata primary school was destroyed in the earthquake in 2015 we only had a partial school left standing. Student quit coming to the school and we started losing hope of being able to rebuild ourselves with no students and no support, we thought it was impossible. Then we heard about Peace for People and the project they were trying to implement. We asked them to help us rebuild and to our delight they provided us material and volunteers. Our local community then became involved and inspired and they helped us build our new school. Now we have over 70 students here, ages ranging from 5-12. We want to say, thank you to Peace for People for your help and support.”