Sometimes we travel for fun and sometimes for a purpose.

“Foundation for Education – Phase 11”

Sometimes we travel for fun and sometimes for a purpose.

Few weeks back, our team mate, supporter and MasterPeace Nepal  partner from Himalayan Enchanter was traveling in rural villages of Dhading district for a charity hiking event organized by social campaign #YouHikeTheyRise to support a school in the village. An amazing hiking trails along with mesmerizing surrounding endowed the perfection of hike. After walking an hour in the route, right in the middle of the cliff there was a temporarily made two room building which was Himchuli Primary School

School that was the only center for knowledge for the village of 400 families. Devastated by earthquake, with no educational facilities, handled by few teachers and deprived by the concerned authorities. The participants in the hiking event had carried few stationery in their backpack to donate to the kids. While others were busy interacting with kids, our partner was engaged in knowing the necessity of the school, talked with the head-teacher and knew, there were many more support needed to facilitate the students. A school without student’s Desk and benches, no copies, no pencils for the students and more over a school rooms that was temporarily built after earthquake.

When our partner came back to Kathmandu and talked about the situation of school with us, we were so much eager to support the school. A village that was the residence of ethnic Chepang community along with underprivileged cast had no proper source of income and no development scenario. We brainstormed together for the possibilities on supporting the village and finally came up with launching “Foundation for Education – Phase 11 “initially. Meanwhile, our friends from Gurkha Nepalese Community, Medway, Kent, United Kingdom were also interested on our plan and we agreed to organize this aid together.

Foundation for Education is an event we’ve been doing to support the education and comfort kids of such schools where basic education facilities were not seen. Foundation of Education consists of infrastructure as well as stationary support in the school through which kids of the school should not worry for their necessity in the schools.

We planned to cover all the basic necessity a student require in a primary school which included; Stationeries ( Copies, Pencils, sharpeners &  erasers ), School Bag, School Uniform and most important the desk and bench where they can feel comfortable.

According to the plan our team moved to Dhading on 21st Feb 2016 with 16 desks & benches, 55 Dozens Copies and Pencils, 55 set of school uniform and 55 set of school bags. The problem we faced was the transportation facility till the school. Though it was challenging condition to transfer all the supplies in the school our team took it so easily that we reached school with a truck full of supplies. The moment we arrived in the school, the expressions in the face of kids were priceless. They might have not thought of getting their own bags, uniforms, copies – pencils and proper desks and benches. They were so much happy and motivated while our team was busy unloading it.

Though due to time constraint we could not stay longer in the school, we felt peace and happiness within us by seeing the happiness those kinds were. Our supplies will definitely support them for their betterment and education, we are working out on how we can support the community in that village so that in future they will be able to sustain themselves with every facility a person require in this modern era.

We would like to offer sincere thanks and gratitude to the people who motivated, inspired, supported and encouraged us to help these kids. I hope to get support from all of you in our further projects which we will launch in that area.

Education is prosperity, prosperity is better life and that’s how peace is  created.

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