Temporary Learning Centre

During the devastating earthquake of 2015, many schools, houses, temples and office building were damaged. Fourteen of the country’s 75 districts were subject to the strongest impact. As PfP is chiefly focused on education, youth, and women, our attention got naturally drawn to the government/public schools where the buildings were in ruins, meaning that students were not able to receive education for a long period of time after the earthquake. To contribute to solving this serious problem, we decided to install Temporary Learning Centres (TLC) for some of the most affected schools, and offer building materials to other school communities.

We began our support with Bhumesthan Primary School at Mechhegaun in Kabhre district, where we built aTLC with bamboo and CG sheets as primary building materials. With the help of the local people and the members of the School Management Committee (SMC), we were successful in our ambition. All concerned were very pleased from our contribution, and we felt really encouraged by their smiling expressions of happiness. At times, some people considered us fools as we were helping others while our own houses were lying collapsed and in ruins, but we did not care and continued the work. With our efforts, however small and insignificant they might have been, we wished and tried to help to reduce the pains and sorrows of the people. Collecting resources was not an easy task, but not impossible once we tried. About 100 students benefited directly from this support we managed to offer.

Next, we supported Janata Primary School at Thakre in Dhading district by providing them with bamboo and CG sheets to construct their own TLC. Here, another group of100 studentsbe came very happy as clearly reflected by the warm smiles on their face. Similarly, we helped Bendi Devi Lower Secondary School at Jharlang, in Dhading. Although transportation to the school was very difficult, our team managed to get all construction materials (bamboo and CG sheets) to the school. Using the materials provided, the staff and the local community jointly constructed a TLC that could directly serve over 150 students. Soon, we also supported Kaule Primary School at Thakre-9, in Dhading. The school building was in such a critically damaged condition that going close to it was very risky. We provided the school with CG sheets and bamboo its repair. Upon receiving the support, the community was so overwhelmed that they honored us with flower garlands and vermillion. This TLC directly improved the conditions for over  students.

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