Shree Janata Primary School was Established in 1998. Due to the necessity of the school, there is no school is the area, local people established it. This is a government school .

Last year’s earthquake completely destroyed the school. Due to this the hope of the local people has been diminished. When we visited the school after disaster, the building was in critical condition. We decided we wanted to rebuild the school and started to collect resources. Although it was very hard for the locals, they are supporting the rebuild with labor and effort. Now a seven room school is almost ready to use. The local people, school comity, students, all are very happy.

This year we are celebrating the International Day of Peace with a Wall of Connection, a “Wall of Hope”. We have decorated the school wall with a painting that holds three important messages that support the basic principles of the primary school: play, learn and grow together.

  1. The wall radiates a positive and happy emotion. It is a reminder of their Togetherness.
  2. The wall also reminds the children of their lessons about
    Peace, Faith, Love, Laughter, Dance, Joy, Dreams,… Happiness.
  3. The most important message of the wall is: Hope. Because the most important motivation to overcome though times is hope.

Don’t lose Hope in each and every step of life.” is the central message .




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