Women Empowerment

PfP came up with an idea of supporting women for goat-rearing so that they could generate their income with a relatively low investment and become empoweredin both social and economical aspects. The specific objectives of this scheme were to

(i) raise the economic standard of women

(ii) create gender equality, and

(iii) strengthen peace in the society.

After conducting a preliminary survey, PfP reached Fogadpur of Thakre in Dhading district where women were found lagging behind. Among them, PfP selected the 10 most financially disadvantaged women so as to help them through the empowerment project. Those women were in critical financial situations, working as labourers with difficulties to maintain living hand to mouth.

When the project started in September 2016, each of the selected women were given two goats for rearing in order to uplift their financial condition. Follow-up on their progress is being done twice a year. So far, they have been found to be in significantly improved conditions.

women’s empowerment through the different way .

There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women.